Annual Dues

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Formula: National+Ohio+Branch=Total Dues             

   Annual Branch: 49.00 +11.00+5.00=65.00

   Associate Mem.: 15.00+11.00+5.00=31.00

   Paid Life Mem.*: 0.00+11.00+5.00=16.00

   Student Affiliate:17.00+ 0.00+5.00=22.00

   Dual Mem.** (primary is another Ohio branch):

                                 0.00+0.00+5.00= 5.00

   Dual Mem.** (primary branch is out of state):


   College/University (Corporate) Rep:

                                  0.00+0.00+5.00= 5.00

  Honorary ***:  0.00+0.00+5.00= 5.00

 *A new National Life member pays a one-time national fee of $980, which is fully tax-deductible.

**A dual member is a member of more than one branch. The branch to which she (or he) pays national and state dues is called her (or his) “primary branch.” She (or he) is a regular member of her (or his) primary branch. She (or he) is a dual member of the other branch.

***Honorary members have paid dues for 50 years and must submit a form and be confirmed by national.

Tax Deductibility 

 $46.00 of the Annual Branch national dues is tax deductible, and $16.00 of Student Affiliate national dues is tax deductible.

 AAUW/Ohio dues are not tax deductible. The Delaware branch is a 501C4 organization so its branch dues are not tax deductible.

 (Some members may be able to deduct dues as ordinary and necessary business expenses.)

 All contributions to AAUW Funds (EF) are tax deductible.

If you have questions about dues, contact Finance Officer Constance Richards

For membership, print and complete the Membership Application.


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