Policy Sheet

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The purpose of this Policy Sheet is to supplement the Bylaws of the Delaware, Ohio Branch and to clarify specific procedures.  It shall be reviewed at the end of the first year of each president’s term of office and changes approved by the Board.

       I.     Branch Officers

 A.     The President

1.      Should be elected from those members who have had recent board experience.

2.      Shall read and discuss the Policy Sheet at each summer board meeting.

3.      Shall make certain each board member has a copy of the Branch Policy sheet and Bylaws.

4.      Shall call a meeting of new and retiring board members in May to transfer the files and to ascertain that each new member of the board is familiar with the responsibilities of office.

5.      In the event that the seat of the President should become vacant, the Program Vice President shall assume the position for the remainder of the un-expired term of office.

       B.    The President-Elect

1.      Shall attend all meetings of the board and executive committee as a voting member, maintaining only one vote, regardless of another board position held concurrently.

2.      Shall be assigned specific duties or responsibilities by the president with the approval of the board.

       C.    The Program Vice-President

1.      Should begin planning the fall programs and study groups in May or June at the latest.

2.      Shall send out interest sheets in March to gather necessary information for programming.  The interest sheets will also provide a space for the member’s professional background.

3.      Shall be responsible for publishing the program/membership book.

4.      Shall sit on the membership development committee.

5.      In the event that the Program Vice-President’s position should become vacant, an Issues Chair shall fill the position left vacant by the Program Vice-President for the remainder of the un-expired term of office.

       D.    The Membership Vice-President

1.      Shall sit on the Program Development Committee.

2.      Shall select her committee on membership in May.  The committee shall be made up of subcommittees on orientation, recruitment and retention, transportation, calling and greeters.

3.      Shall compile and provide to new members a packet containing a list of officers and chairpersons, bylaws, and policy sheet, programs, list of study groups, a recent newsletter, the general informational brochure about AAUW, and a welcome letter from the president.

4.      The top member of the membership committee shall fill a vacancy at the level of Membership Vice-President.

       E.    The Finance Officer

1.      Shall submit a written report monthly to the newsletter editor to be printed in the newsletter.

2.      Shall hold a spring dues campaign beginning in April.

3.      Shall have a committee to call all members who have not paid their dues by June 15.

4.      The branch finance office shall forward all AAUW dues collected to the AAUW finance officer and all AAUW/Ohio dues collected to the AAUW/Ohio finance officer. Dues shall be postmarked by the date specified by AAUW.

5.      Shall submit a written financial report to be presented at the Joint Board Meeting of old and new officers in May.

6.      Shall submit a prepared budget for the new fiscal year, to be published in the monthly newsletter, in September.

        F.    The Secretary

1.      Shall maintain minutes of all branch business meetings, branch board meetings and executive committee meetings, providing copies to branch officers.

2.      Shall maintain the minutes and newsletters in the Branch Secretary’s Record, and shall pass that record safely to the newly elected secretary.

3.      Shall assist with any branch correspondence as requested by the board.

     II.     Committees

A.    There shall be branch standing committees on, or persons concerned with, the work of the following AAUW standing committees:  Membership, Program Development, AAUW Funds, Communication, Newsletter, Public Policy, Legal Advocacy, Branch History, Diversity, Great Decisions Discussions, and Be Wise Camp.

        B.    Composition and Function

1.       The Membership Committee

i.   shall be chaired by the Membership Vice-President;

ii.  shall be responsible for the branch membership recruitment and orientation to the purpose and programs of the AAUW;

iii. shall be responsible for greeting members and visitors at branch functions.

2.       The Program Development Committee

i.   shall be chaired by the Program Vice-President;

ii.  shall include the representatives for the Areas of Interest in the AAUW programs and such other members a deemed necessary;

iii.      shall consider the program issues of AAUW and shall recommend to the branch the selection of  issues to be implemented;

iv.      shall provide policy guidance for continuing program concerns of the branch and shall also consider future AAUW program issues;

v.       the Branch may delegate responsibilities of Areas of Interest and/or implementation of Issues to the chair of the committee on Program Development

3.       The AAUW Funds Committee

i.   chair shall be appointed by the President

ii.  shall keep members of the Branch up to date on AAUW Funds and fund raising

iii. shall have representation on the Program Development Committee

4.       Communication Committee

i.   chair shall be appointed by the President

ii.  shall notify local news outlets and bulletin boards of Branch Meeting dates and items of interest for publication.

5.       Newsletter Committee

i.   chair shall be appointed by the President

ii.        shall publish a monthly newsletter with Branch news

iii. the Finance Officer shall be a member of this committee, submitting a monthly  treasurer’s report for publication in the branch newsletter

iv.other committees shall have representative members on this committee, submitting items of interest from those committees when appropriate

6.       Public Policy Committee

i.   chair shall be appointed by the President

ii.  shall be responsible for legislative programs in the branch

iii. shall encourage members to take action when the AAUW has an issue about which they have circulated an email in the AAUW Action Network

iv.shall have representation on the Program Development Committee

v. shall work with other organizations that encourage women to get out and vote

7.       Legal Advocacy Committee

i.   chair shall be appointed by the President

ii.  shall keep members of the Branch up to date on Legal Advocacy issues and fund raising

iii. shall have representation on the Program Development Committee

8.       Branch History Committee

i.   chair shall be the Branch Historian, appointed by the President

ii.  shall keep historical documents and memorabilia related to the branch

9.       Diversity Committee

i.   chair shall be appointed by the President

ii.  shall keep members informed of AAUW activities and policies on diversity

iii. shall promote ongoing commitment to, and action for diversity in the branch and local community

iv.shall have representation on the Program Development Committee

10.    Great Decisions Committee

i.   chair shall be appointed by the President

ii.  shall represent the branch in community Great Decisions series planning meetings and keep branch informed on ways to support the program

iii. shall encourage members to participate, and make information available to the branch

11.    Be Wise Committee

i.   chair shall be appointed by the President

ii.  shall procure literature with “Be Wise Camp” information and registration forms, and distribute it to science and math teachers in local middle schools

iii. shall encourage and promote local middle school female students to participate and promote fund raising activities to give scholarships to those who choose to go.

12.    There shall be such additional standing committees as deemed necessary by the branch upon recommendation of the board of directors.

13.    There shall be such special committees as deemed necessary by the board of directors.

14.    The chairs of all committees, except the nominating committee, and those provided for by election, shall be appointed by the president, with the approval of the board of directors.  Chairs shall select the members of their committees in consultation with the president.  Chairs shall serve as channels of communication in their respective fields with the AAUW and AAUW/Ohio chairs, and shall make such reports as their counter-parts request.  Committee chairs shall be members of the Board of Directors.  If a Board member holds multiple chairmanships or offices, that member may have only one vote counted on each issue voted upon in meetings of the board.

III.  Finance

       A.  Fiscal Year.  The fiscal year shall correspond with that of the AAUW and shall begin July 1.

       B.  Amount of Dues.

       The annual dues of branch members shall be AAUW dues + AAUW/Ohio dues + Branch dues.

             AAUW Members:

National dues        $49.00

State dues                $ 11.00

Branch dues            $  5.00


            Paid Life Members:

National dues        pd.

State dues                $11.00

Branch dues           $  5.00


             Student Affiliates:

                 National dues        $17.00

                 State dues                $  0.00

                 Branch dues            $  5.00


 C.  Continuous Members.  Dues of all continuing members are payable on or before July1 and shall be paid to the  branch finance officer   no later than July 31.

 D.  New Members.  Dues of new members may be paid at any time and the appropriate amounts shall be forwarded to the AAUW finance officer and AAUW/Ohio finance officer immediately.  Those dues received between January 1 and March 15 for AAUW and AAUW/Ohio  shall be one-half the annual dues.

 E.  Audits.  The branch shall provide for such audit and control of its funds as necessary for safekeeping and complete accounting.  No indebtedness shall be incurred by the branch except upon a recommendation/approval of the board of directors.

 F.  Reciprocity.  A branch member of the AAUW who has paid current dues shall be eligible to transfer membership to another branch.  Payment of any additional dues shall be waived for a transferring branch member whose current dues have been paid in another branch.

IV. General Policy:

A.    A nominating committee shall be elected in December.  They shall in turn, have a slate of officers to present to the Branch at the February meeting.

B.    Areas of Interest in the Delaware Branch shall include:  Environment, International Relations, and Our Diverse Community.

C.      Appointed offices shall be filled by April 30 so the new and retiring board may meet jointly in May.

D.      The new officers shall assume their duties and responsibilities on July 1 at the beginning of the new fiscal year.

E.       If a board member is unable to attend a board meeting, the president shall be notified.

Each branch member shall receive and read the branch Policy Sheet and Bylaws.